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Don't Spill A Drop, Dear

Hello there, everyone. I'm new here. I've been a huge Type O Negative fan ever since I was 14 or 15... I used to have Bloody Kisses and October Rust on cassette.

Anyway, I figured that I would share my new tattoo with you all, since it is quite relevant.

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It still needs to be colored. That will be taken care of next month.

Anybody else here with Type O ink? ^_^
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Very very nice!
That really great work. I love it.
Been tempted for a long time to get the 'O' with the negative '-' in the middle from the CD art, but was bit worried that it'd look like ASCII art for someones butt (-) or something...
Very nice!

When I turned 18, I got the statue of the angel holding leaves in the special edition CD of Bloody Kisses. It's not obviously TON, but inspired by.....
lol awesome.

I have some runes which are symbolic of type o, but nothing blatant.

This year I'm getting a hammer gear on my back.
which runes did you get? I've been wanting some for a long time but I'm so afraid of misinterpreting them.
I've always wanted to put on some green lipstick, kiss a piece of paper and get that for my TON tattoo. Heh!
Kinda weird though, I just KNOW I'd go into bars being all, "I'll bet you the next round that I've got 3 sets of lips..."
Lol, my friend wants to get "Your name" tattooed on her ass so she can say, "I bet you so much money that I have your name tattooed on my ass."
That is fucking awesome. It came out well too. If only they would play up in the Northwest on this tour, grrr! Assholes!
That tatto is fucking awesome. and as for ink yes, as a matter of fact:Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
morbiddelusion your tattoo is also very nice!
sakura_goth, it is awesome!
that fucking rocks dude